Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking back at 2009's high points......

Thanks for such a rocking year!
A lot of new and exciting gear was released this past year, from a lot of great companies, and I feel lucky to blog about it, and to test out some of the best products that I have ever come across. I tend to report on guitars and guitar and bass related products more than anything else; as they are my main instruments. But this past year was full of new recording tools too, just to say the least!

This past year we took a closer look at the new EVH Wolfgang guitar, Seymour Duncan “P-Rails”, the awesome Vox “Virage” electric guitars, the Taylor “solid body classic” guitars, the new Paul Reed Smith acoustic guitars, and the Marshall Randy Rhoads amp head. Wow, some awesome gear for sure!

As for guitar and bass related software (and the related devices that work with them), this year was a stellar year indeed. We all witnessed some of the most innovative products to date come to the Home Recording Weekly Blog.

Let's start out with the reviews of all of the products from IK Multimedia, since they are truly awesome! These folks have taken some of the very best, and some of the most famous guitar and bass amps of all time and then found a way to bring these products' tones into software versions. Now they are available to the world! IK Multimedias products simply sound amazing and work just as real amps might. Here are the details, in review form....
We reviewed IK Multimedia's' Amplitube Fender, Metal, Ampeg SVX, and the Stealth Pedal Deluxe package. Wow, that is a lot of great software! IK Multimedia also released some great song writing, loop based apps for Iphones, named GrooveMaker, as you can read all about here.

Toontrack became the first sponsor of the Home Recording Weekly Blog, and they supplied some great products for review purposes. Toontracks products have forever changed how I approach writting and recording percussion. Toontracks products are the most realistic sounding "midi drums" that I have had the pleasure of working with!
Check out a few of the reviews on Toontracks' Electronic, EZ Drummer 2.0, and Superior Drummer 2.0. Toontrack is now the industry leader when it comes to realistic sounding midi percussion software. A warm welcome, once again, to Toontrack!

Celemonys' Melodyne plug in software was reviewed here on Home Recording Weekly, and what a piece of software the Melodyne plug in is! The Melodyne plug in is highly recommended (if you did not just get the hint). Melodyne is changing the way that all of us less than perfect vocalists, musicians, and recording nuts get our songs closer to perfect. My work flow has forever been changed for the better, as now I can polish up everything to near perfection.

The Home Recording Weekly blog supplied some fun and informative posts too.
Included under this section is the three part series on “Explaining microphone types”, among many other great "how to" tuts like some Pro Tools tut's. Check out just some of the Pro Tools tuts here, here, and here.

So, what does the Home Recoding Weekly blog have in store for 2010?
Lots and lots!!! Keep a close look out for a great and brand new surprise from Toontrack in the very near future! They are keeping a tight lip about their new product thus far, but I have been told (personally) that something awesome is coming soon from them. How exciting indeed! I hate waiting!!!!!

Keep a look out for some more reviews on cool music and recording products too. There are some great product reviews in the works for all of you bass players, keyboard players, and all of you home recording nuts in general! This next year looks to be the best yet (here at Home Recording Weekly), and as always it is full steam ahead.

Thanks to all of you for such a fun and exciting year here at the Home Recording Weekly blog!!! I love you, the readers, just as much as blogging and the joy that blogging brings.

A very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all, from the Home Recording Weekly blog!

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