Friday, June 1, 2012

We have moved, and a podcast!

That is right, we have moved, and the Home Recording Podcast now is up!
Home Recording Weekly has moved over to a new website. Here is the cool new "about me page". The new site link is Home Recording Weekly blog, or , and the move was simply to serve you all better.
We needed to re-locate, and decided a new and fresh look was needed too. We needed more pages just to hold all of the new and exciting pages that are coming to you! The first episode of The Home Recording Podcast is up, on the new website, and ITunes is working hard to provide you with a "podcast catcher" too. I will have to announce when it goes live, on Itunes!
Thanks to everyone that has been with us over the years, here on blogger. I have changed things up so many times, and it still just looked like a blogger template. Well, I hope those days are over now.
Please, add the new website to your favorites tab, and check it often. You will not want to miss the next post over there! Big news is coming very soon. This news will also be posted in a brand new video, so look out for that on YouTube, and the new website too!