Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some more great links

I'm back!

I was thinking about a new post idea, when it came to me, out of bordom. I started to "surf" the web and I came across some killer sites!

You tube has only begun its journey of creating some rather unbelievable history with its "urban" style of news repoting and of course the videos of people doing incredible things. If you think about what is to come next on You Tube, than youre too late. Fate and timing seem to govern the greatness that is the rapid news-worthy video.

On the other end of the spectrum are all of the incredible how to videos. People use their time and talent filming themselves in the name of sharing. Check out Justin Guitar, HERE, he is my main man. His web site is HERE. This cat is cool and can play!

There are a ton of these sites out there and best of all they are all free!

Of course, if you are starting out anew, on your own adventure into guitar playing-land, than I wouls suggest Same Day Guitar. Mostly because it works, and partly because I wrote it. It is a series of text lessons, with tab, and with videos. Again, it is a great tool for beginers. Email me at for your own Same Day Guitar Ebook kit today!

Next on my "must go to" list, would be the song publishing tips. Do not stop short, as their are a ton of helpful sites for this great idea. Google "song publishing" and you will hit pay dirt! I do love to post my stuff online, and you can catch one or two here. I do hope you enjoy them, they are fairly new.

So go off and learn the five positions of the A minor pentatonic at Justin Guitar, and look out for the up and coming blog that should be a dooosieee!