Saturday, November 27, 2010

KRK VXT 4w demo

KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor demo 

Sexy..... Stimulating..... Fun to be around.....
Does this describe your computer speakers?

If it does not, then perhaps it is time for an upgrade. Those few choice words certainly help to describe what I have recently hooked up to my computers' speaker outputs, but there are so many other words that also help to describe the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor , so many in fact that I am struggling on where to even start.

Since we recording nuts opt for recording file formats and/or sample bit rates as large and as fast as our machines can accept, and it is such an important part of our music recording/tracking/mixing work flow to make sure that our creations are just perfect, shouldn't our main computer speakers be able to match these highly selected specks? We spend so much time at our computers watching movies, gaming, and listening to the beloved MP3's, why not get all that you can from the computer itself? After all, the sound is there if you only have the right speakers to push it out to our ears.

Before I even had a chance to un-box the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor , I couldn't help but notice a few things about these quality speakers. Just like any other KRK product, the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor w's are very, very well made! The KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor are rather hefty too, weighing in at about a solid 17 pounds each (in the boxes) and the KRK website weighs them in at 14 pounds (out of the box). The KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor white enclosures stand out against the common sea of black computer parts and computer screens, and the yellow cone of the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor is striking, if not a form of modern art; to the musicians eye anyway. All of you Apple computer owners will be one step closer to an all white recording environment too. In the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor box you will find a power chord, the manuals, an 1'8th inch male stereo plug “into” a pair of ¼ inch mono jacks, some screws and an Allen wrench tool. The screws and the Allen wrench tool are for a more “complete look” if you decide to remove the protective grills, or screens. Now that they are un-packed, lets hook the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor up and see what happens!

But wait, what is this? Within seconds of setting the KRK VXT4 w's up, another sweet surprise “came into light” as I turned them on for the first time! That surprise is the fact that the KRK logo lights up. This is a rather nice touch, just so that we can tell (at a glance) if the KRK VXT4 w's are left on or not.

So, how do the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor sound?

I decided to play some reference CD's through the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor first, just so that I would know where they stood. The list included Supertramps' “Breakfast in America”, and right up to Rage Against the Machines' “The Battle of Los Angeles”. Not only was every nuance of the recordings illuminated, but new things were heard for the first time. I was actually hearing amp and guitar combinations that I had missed before! I found myself un able to get out of my chair, because I was wrapped in a warm blanket of amazing quality audio.

Next up, I decided to listen to some of my favorite television shows, (off of the web) through the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor . This proved even more interesting, as once again some new things were brought to my ears attention for the very first time. I could here the “dead people laughing” in between the jokes, and with more clarity than I had ever known before. I could here character voices better, and with an uncanny clarity that I had not known prior. The KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor are (without any hesitation from me) a very worthy investment. If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer; ie watching “Last night on T.V., HULU, or YouTube videos, than you owe it to yourself, and to your ears, to get a pair of these KRK VXT4 w's speakers.

There is a lot going on “behind the scenes”, or on the back of the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor . There are a lot of switches and knobs found on the rear of the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor . Here is a list of the features found on the back of the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor .

First up, on the back, the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor has a “System Level Adjust” knob for evening out the two gain levels of a pair. A trio of multi position micro switches is next. The first switch is for a ground lift, the next 3 position switch manages the “clip indicator/limiter”, and the last of the three switches turns the “Auto mute” on or off.

The “Auto Mute” feature reduces power use when no signal is detected. Inputs are supplied via an XLR ¼ inch trs combo inputs. Last of all a simple on/off switch rounds out the features on the back of the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor .

Overall, each KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor stands 10 inches tall, by 7.37 inches deep, by 7 inches wide. Each KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor sports a 4 inch woven Kevlar woofer and a silk dome neo tweeter. Each speaker is bi-amplified with a 30 watt (woofers) amp and a 15 watt (tweeters) amp built into the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor . They sit perfectly on any desktop, and are just what the sound doctor ordered for your listening pleasure! Either go find a store that has them on display for auditioning, or else just trust me and go out and get a pair of the KRK VXT4 Active Studio Monitor today!

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