Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why buy?

Welcome to yet another great entry!
Things have been slow lately, so I am anxious to get back to my favorite thing to do. That is recording music of course. I was wondering how to approach my next venture, and I thought that I would do something that I have not yet done. Rent some gear.
Why rent gear? Simple, I can get the best possible recording using the best pro gear.
My project is to record a female vocalist singing some songs that I have written and recorded. I have some great ideas, but not in the lyrical realm. She has met me half way, and has written some great stuff for the new music. I want to be as professional as possible, both with my technique, and with the recording of her sweet and soft vocal. However, when it comes to good vocal mics, my mic collection is not the greatest. I want to record her with a nice mic.
Almost any music gear shop rents equipment these days, and it is reasonable in cost. I have been quoted about 20 dollars for a nice mic, and the same for a nice vocal/line pre amp. So, for forty dollars, I can now reach the goal of a professional recording of a professional singer. I do not yet have a need to own this gear, so this works out great for us both.
What else is their to renting? Well, if my expensive mic craps out on me, I would probably throw in the towel. If a rented mic (with insurance) craps out, oh well. I simply take it back and exchange it for a working one. No sweat there. Plus, if I need a particular sounding guitar or amp on a song, I would rather rent the gear and use it, that save up and buy it for only that one time. Think about renting other stuff, too, like effects pedals, Fender Strats/Teles, and what ever else I failed to imagine. Some shops have an incredible selection of gear to rent, offering a wide range of sound possibilities.
I plan on recording the music over the next few weeks, and I will post the new songs online as they are finished, so "stay tuned"!