Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KRK KNS 8400 Headphone review

If you can not afford a pair of mixing studio monitors, or if you can not have a “loud mixing set up”, then here is your solution! KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones.

I have a “nice” pair of headphones that I use to record and mix with. I paid quite a bit of money for these headphones because I wanted a pair of headphones that gave an honest rendering of my music, as I laid tracks down. The headphones' manufacturer claimed that these were perfect for “exact representation” of studio editing and mixing use, but that is far from what I got. These “expensive” studio headphones give a more “flattered” representation of the tracks. As recording musicians, we do not want a flattering representation at all. We need to keep things as exact as we can. If we don't have things as they really are then we get mixes that just do not sound right as we continue laying tracks on top.

I solved this problem, some time ago, by getting a great pair of monitors. I got a pair of the KRK Rockit 8 G2's, and I was now in “exact representation world”. These monitors give a very exact representation of just what we have tracked. But, once again, a problem popped up. I can't record late at night, or with others in my living space, at least not with the KRK's thumping! So, back to the headphone search....

The KRK brand is known for exact representation of recorded music, no matter the KRK product. How could their headphones be any different? Come to find out, their headphones match quite nicely to their monitors! What I hear through the Rockit 8 G2's is very close to what I hear through the KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones! In fact, it is extremely close to the same! This is so very important to me, just so that my mixes remain consistent. But this isn't the only reason you need to get a pair of the new KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphoness. Nope, check this out....
Just like you, while recording music, I keep headphones on for hours at a time. The problems that come along with this sort of "long duration of use" are profuse sweating of the ears, the uncomfortable feeling that comes from wearing bulky and heavy studio headphones, and lastly, ear fatigue. So, how do the KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones compete with others when it comes to these issues? Well, with these issues in mind, let me tell you that the KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones rock!!!

I have to say that comfort wise, when they are on my head they feel like just air! A lot of attention, in the design, went to the comfort of the wearer of these great headphones! The ear cups are not plastic, and do not “sweat” like my other expensive pair of “studio” headphones do.

The KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphonesare snug, but not bothersome or bulky at all. They do not get in the way, and they seem to be right on, weight wise, just so that we know that they are actually on our heads. Ever try to answer the phone with your headphones on? I have, and you might do those sorts of things with the KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphoneson your head. That is a good thing.

Let's talk about another very important, and perhaps the most important, quality that recording studio headphones need. That is isolation.

My other “expensive” studio headphones, that I used to wear, promised great isolation properties. But still, the music coming through them could be heard bleeding into every track that I used them on, well, as long as a mic was in use. The headphones just could not “hold back” the backing tracks that I need in order to record other parts. With every track, the backing parts, along with a “live” mics' information, could be heard. Simply put, I could always hear the music coming from the headphones bleeding into the microphone, and then into the tracks. The KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones do not leak like that at all! With an ISO value (isolation ability) of up to 30 DBA, these will not leak into your tracks. So long irritating leakage!!!
So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get these great sounding studio headphones! They are actually reasonably priced, and can be used for all types of listening! They shine in the studio, but are great for Ipods and whatever you need great headphones for.

Here is a great video, from KRK, featuring the KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones


  1. Should be a good product, now can KRK make a full-range miniature fostex style equivalent that does not cost the earth but has digital inputs?

  2. Well, if they are aware of customer wants, perhaps they would address them. Why not ask KRK? Thanks for the comment!

  3. I just got the KRKs in the mail because I thought my sennheiser was broken, which they weren't, really.. It was the cable.. Anyway. You should be aware of the lack of bass in these KRKs. I have the mackie HR824, which should be giving me a good representation of the sound. Yet even if I tweek my bassguitar to get more lowend with an EQ I still dont get that nice bass.. like the KRKs cant play the frequencies. Actually my sennheiser HD500 gave a more correct sound of the lowend, yet in the high and mid specter the KRKs might be better.

  4. I am getting all of the bass. I use the krk headphones more than monitors now, just for this reason.

  5. Love them :D

    no bass ?? U sure? I got lots.

  6. You should try burning in your headphones so the drivers can move more freely to supply more bass

  7. alright! Off to the music store for headphones for christmas. yaaaaaaaaayyyyy , i also have the krk 8's and love em!

  8. I have these. They are really well made, sound really good, and are totally comfortable.

  9. Nice review! I just bought the R6's from a friend and I'm completely happy! Looking forward to replace my Sennheiser HD 202 with those KRK headphones now! :D

    1. I am giving a pair away on the new website, HomeRecordingWeekly.com and go to the video page! Thanks for your kind words!

  10. can you put my link to this page? im gonna pay you $5 via paypal. email me fallenation@live.com

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