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Stealth Pedal (Delux package) by IK Multimedia

Today’s post is all about the cool new Stealth pedal, and the "deluxe package" by the folks at IK Multimedia.

For those of you out there that have yet to be introduced, the new IK Multimedia Stealth pedal is a USB powered audio interface/software controller. The "Deluxe package" deal is a Stealth Pedal along with a large amount of software. To be more percise, all the software a guitarist and/or bassist will ever need.

The Stealth pedal works flawlessly with an electric guitar, bass, and even keyboards! This is one well made, and well thought out pedal folks! Since this is an introduction for some of you, let me dive in and explain what it is that the Stealth Pedal does.

The Stealth pedal has the ability to work with all “powered by IK Multimedia” guitar and bass software, while operating in VST (virtual stand alone) mode; running with the supplied X-Gear software. Plus it can send any midi controllable messages to any midi controlled software. The Stealth pedal is an expression pedal, a computer interface, as well as a midi switch. However its’ features do not end there. Not by a long shot.

Let me explain just what can go in and out of the Stealth Pedal. This will help explain just what is possible by using it, or adding one to your rig. The Stealth pedal (itself) allows for, and has, ¼ inch jack inputs for your instruments (guitars, basses, and keyboards), “1/4 inch outs” for monitor speakers, an “ins” jack for an added expression pedal (i.e. the IK Multimedia stomp pedal), a jack for a dual footswitch, a volume knob, and a 1/8th inch female jack for headphones. Very impressive indeed.

The Stealth Pedal allows us to record our instruments (guitar bass or keys) with a Mac or PC at the highest possible quality, with 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion and 44.1/48 kHz operation. Because it is a USB interface, this one piece of gear may be all you need to completely “express yourself”! Playing and recording your own performances is now possible, with your favorite IK Multimedia software pushing the sounds to the masses.

The Stealth pedal can operate as a VST software controller with the supplied IK Multimedia’s X-Gear software up and running on your computer. The Stealth pedal can become the only other piece of gear that you need to make and alter tones while in VST mode. It truly acts as an audio interface guys! Adding this awesome pedal and the included software package (that is the "Deluxe package") to your live “gig rig” will make your live audio effecting possibilities endless.

Again, this post is all about the Stealth pedal Deluxe package. Togather the included software in this deluxe package and the Stealth Pedal work like a dream. But what is in the box? Well, for starters..... The Stealth pedal deluxe package ships with the Stealth pedal, a USB cable, software installation discs, licenses, user manual, and a limited warranty.

Let me reflect upon the Stealth Pedal again… What I noticed, right out of the box was that it feels very well built. The Stealth Pedal is extremely solid in my hands and rather heavy. Just by holding it I know that it will last as long as you do. The pedal also has a non-slip rubber bottom to ensure the pedal will not move around the stage as you use it to dazzle the crowd with your pedal-stomp crazed effects. We all know how much things can move across the stage at high volumes, right?

As I took notice of the included software discs, I became completely pushed over the edge.

The Stealth pedal ships with IK Multimedia’s “X-Gear” software, IK Multimedias Amplitube two, IK Multimedias Metal, and IK Multimedias Ampeg SVX! How is that for a DELUXE PACKAGE! Very good if you ask me.

IK Multimedias "X-Gear" is a stand alone (VST) application that allows you to use any “powered by IK Multimedia” software while enjoying the Stealth pedal. The Stealth Pedal is also compatible with all popular DAW software supporting ASIO and Core Audio drivers on either a PC or a Mac.

As soon as I got started playing with the software and the Stealth pedal, I ran into trouble. The X-Gear software became more than just fun, it became an obsession!

X-Gears' user interface is very well laid out which made for some fast going on the jamming action. I was up and running in no time at all. Plus, the Stealth pedals’ expression pedal and midi switch can be associated with any parameter of any “Powered by Amplitube” software, providing all sorts of controllable parameters. Heck, since it is from IK Multimedia, all of the included software works just as flawless as one would imagine, and it all sounds fantastic.

With the included IK Multimedia software (Amplitube 2, Ampeg SVX, and Metal) there are all sorts of controls and features to tweak while activly in X-Gear, and playing with the available settings is a must! You can completely tweak all of the available sounds and tones within each amp cabinet, stomp box, effect rack, microphone choice and location, and speaker cabinet selection, and all to your exact tastes.

IK Multimedia X-Gear

Also provided with the Stealth Pedal Deluxe package is the Riff Works T4 software by Sonoma.

This software got more and more of my attention as I found myself diving in deeper and deeper into its amazing features. Riff Works is basically a play and record interface DAW software package. This makes for some fast lying down and recording of your ideas into workable tracks just as fast as you can come up with them. Save them and then you can share them with your friends and/or writing partners, all with RiffWorks T4 software.

Sonoma RiffWorks T4

But what about adding other instruments to your guitar and bass tracks while in Riff Works T4?

No problem! Riff Works T4 also allows you to put some drums into the mix as well as much, much more by simply adding a unit to the groove! It is a great way to either play the day away, practice for that upcoming show, or record your ideas as you are inspired to do so. It is also very well laid out, and easy to maneuver around.

But the included software bundle does not end with Riff Works T4 or X-Gear. No, IK Multimedia is just getting started.

Also included in the Stealth pedal deluxe package are the highly acclaimed IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 guitar and bass amp simulation software, IK Multimedia Metal guitar amp sim and effect software, and the IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX bass guitar amp simulation software! When I realized the amount of software that actualy came in the Stealth pedal deluxe package, I went straight into a software overload induced stupor.

IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX

IK Multimedia Amplitube 2

I will follow up this post with some more detailed posts that cover these two incredible pieces of software in much more detail. For now, just know that they are perhaps the best sounding tube amp simulations available today. They are remarkably close to the exact tones of some of the greatest and most famous amps of all time. Plus these awesome pieces of software come packed with every sort of effect stomp pedal and rack effect that you could ever think of, all of which are done very, very well. You will not spend your time wanting for any effects, but instead you will soon find yourself using way too many every chance you get!

So, to sum up the Stealth pedal Deluxe package, as well as the Stealth pedal itself, I would say “Right on” to the folks at IK Multimedia! They have come up with the perfect bundle of amp/cab/effect software to go hand in hand with a very well made and very well desighned pedal. If you make loud music with a computer, then you need this, period!

Hey, does this sound like you or someone you know?..... Are looking for a way to incorporate some of the most sought after-all tube amps of all time, and some of the best sounding bass and guitar effects to go along with them, and have them all be controllable with one single, well made pedal? If so, then look no further. IK Multimedia has your wishes in mind and they have just what you are looking for. The Stealth Pedal deluxe package with the included Amplitube software and the Stealth pedal!

Weather you are a recording buff (like myself), or a live session player, and you are in need of some amazing-all tube rigs to take your bass and your guitar recordings over the top, than you can end your search with the Stealth Pedal deluxe package. Which ever way that you plan on using this amazing pedal with the supplied software bundle, you will be adding a solid piece of tone to your rig.

The software bundle alone is worth the asking price, let alone the ability to control so much of the effects and the tone with such a well laid out, well thought out, and such a well made pedal. Without any time to ponder the question, I give this amazing package a well deserved “Two guitar guitar pics way up”!

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