Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amplitube, Amplitube 2, the Irig, the Imic, Vocalive, the Iklip, and the Ipad.

Tech toys gone wild!

Not to “date” myself, but I can recall when the newest great thing was perhaps the Tascam four track recorders that could put our very own rough home demos right onto cassette tapes for all to hear. Yep, cassette players were the “boss” in our car audio syatems, so the you can see how the fit was perfect! Imagine, hearing yourself while in your own car!

Then, a new word, “Digital”, was spoken in some circles, but to me it seemed more like just a passing phase. How could ones and zeros record music? Wow, have things changed, and in a big way.

The home recording nut, now in search of a way to obtain great demos, just has so many paths to take these days! In fact, it might sometimes seem like too many paths. That is where I hope to help out. Let me shine some light on the newest and coolest things these days. Music gear for the Ipad!

IK Multimedia started out with some very cool stuff for the home recording nuts, and for our computers. However, with the realization that so many of us want to play wherever we happen to find ourselves, IK Multimedia quickly filled the niche with some very cool toys for our mobile devices like Iphones and Ipads. IK Multimedia has also pushed into the live show arena with such cool new products as the Imic and Vocalive too! With the Ipad, much more “real estate”, or a larger surface area for our fingers, became available and IK Multimedia has filled up that space with some great new apps.

IK Multimedia started out with some the best amp modeling software we could find for our home computers, of which, has grown into Amplitube 3. But, as fast paced as we try to be, we find ourselves missing practicing and playing as we are (all to often) away from our homes and/or practice space. The Ipad is a great device for entertaining ourselves, or as a great new tool for all of us musicians. Folks are finding cool new ways to incorporate their Ipads into their recording ventures and their live gigs. It is not uncommon these days to see an Ipad controlling such live show duties as guitar tones, vocal effects, sound mixing, and so much more. Wow.

Today, I want to show you what IK Multimedia has available for you singers, guitar and/or bass players, musicians of any type, lecturers, photographers, and this list goes on and on. Please, all of you live gigers and/or home recording nuts that are seeking a large screen and a “hands free” way to position and then hold onto your Ipad, please let me have your attention.

OK, so what happens when you combine the Irig , Amplitube, or Amplitube 2, perhaps the and the Ipad? Great new things!

Amplitube and now Amplitube 2, is down loadablee for both the Iphone and the Ipad, and the download can be found here. The Irig is a guitar/bass interface for the Ipad and/or the Iphone, and it can be purchased right here. The Iklip is a device that lets us mount our Ipads to any mic stand, and it can be found here. The Imic and Vocalive apps are both new from IK Multimedia, and the links given will take you where you need to go in order to learn more about them.

Some great ways to use the Iklip with your Ipad might be to hold your scanned sheet music, run your new IK Multimedia Vocalive app, run Amplitube , Amplitube 2 , or, well, the possibilities are endless! Whatever you use your Ipad for, Iklip is here to help!

Leave it to IK Multimedia, a forward thinking company that puts musicians first, to come up with such cool new ways to jam and sound so good!

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