Monday, January 24, 2011

Bobby Jarzombek metal midi groove library demo.

Played by Bobby Jarzombek (of Halford, Spastic Ink) so you know that this library rocks! This library, from the good folks over at Platinum Samples, is composed of over 1,670 MIDI files (over 3,430 bars of unquantized grooves), and you will find just what you need, or are looking for.

Formatted for BFD2®, EZdrummer®, Superior Drummer®, Addictive Drums®, Cakewalk® Session Drummer™ & *General MIDI Standard MIDI Files (all included).

Includes 24 complete Metal & Rock performances performed by Bobby Jarzombek, plus this midi library includes stadium endings too!

Played in 4/4 with straight, triplet & swing feels in tempos ranging from 92 to 298 BPM, and this library ships with all sorts of alternate brass, snare, and all of the other kit piece midi!!! This means a ton of features to play with!

If metal is your choice, You owe it to yourself to head over to Platinum Samples and get this midi library!

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