Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bias SoundSoap2 product review and demo.

Need a way to remove those pesky “pops” and “crackles” from your vinyl records as you record and chop it up to make your new loops? Looking for an easy way to clean up the noise that your video camera makes as you record videos for YouTube? How about a way of removing your guitars' single coil hum from your tracks? Here is the easiest way to do these tasks, plus so much more!

Bias SoundSoap2 is very helpful, and a very useful tool if you record sound at home. It can be used as a stand alone unit, VST, and as RTAS, or as a “plug in” right within your DAW.

In my own case, I use it to clean up any and all unwanted audio noise from my tracks, within my songs. However, if you are making movies that contain some bad audio noise, SoundSoap2 can be a blessing for that too! Trust me, I use it for that also! My video recorder is not the best one to be using.

Ground hum, broadband noise, electrical pops, and crackles can ruin an otherwise great take, and/or a great recording. I can't count the times that a record players' constant crackle has left a potential loop useless. How about the times when the hum that a single coil bass/guitar pickup makes simply drains the enjoyment out of a cool lick? Well, no more! I have a new weapon in my arsenal, and it is SoundSoap2!!!

One very handy thing about SoundSoap2 is the many ways in which it can be used or applied. When it is applied across master faders in your DAW, or music software, it can clean up all of the tracks togather, nicely. When it is active on a single track, all by itself, it can clean up any unruly audio for that track. Bias SoundSoap2 can work in “stand alone mode” too. I use it in stand alone mode when I need to clean up my movie audio files. Yupper, using SoundSoap2 makes audio clean up a snap.

If you need to “get deeper” with your noise reduction, and simply need a more refined tool for removing your unwanted noise, then I must tell you that Bias makes a SoundSoap 2 Pro. This monster is more adjustable, with tons of different parameters for you to tweak. Keep a sharp eye out for a review/demo post/video covering the Bias Pro version of SoundSoap2.

If you have the tools to record songs, or videos, and you are less than pleased with your finished audio, then take it to a professional level with Bias SoundSoap2 .

You can get a free 14 day trial of Bias SoundSoap2, just by following this link.

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