Monday, February 27, 2012

HRW on Facebook!

Hello everyone, I hope all is going well in your studios. This post is simply a little note to let you know a few things.
First, Home Recording Weekly is now on Facebook! Here is my new Facebook page link . Please head over there and send me a friend request. I want to have as many of you on my friend list as I can. This will make give aways so much easier!

Secondly, if any of you wish to reach me directly, with any questions about the blog, I have a new email for you all. is the email for that. So, if you have concerns, issues, or ideas for me, please feel free to drop me an email!

Thirdly, I have been so busy raising my newborn son that I have not posted in some time! Please excuse me for my absence! I am the stay at home dad, and all is well, but busy as all get out! Trust me, there are some cool demo video projects in the works, as well as some cool ideas.

Thanks for stopping by today!