Friday, March 27, 2009

Seymour Duncan has done it again!

Finally, a one purchase investment for any possible vintage sound! Ever fall in love with a guitar but didn’t love its tone? Me too! I still have some oldie but goodies lying around my home that I probably will never get rid of. I love the necks or just the way they feel in my arms. The only complaint that I have is the actual sound of the pickups themselves.

Well, Seymour Duncan, of Santa Barbara, California, has released a modern version of three pickups for guitar. Wait, three pickups? You might be reading this and thinking I only need one or two, not three! Well, now three is one and one is three.

The newly released Seymour Duncan “P-Rails” are three different sounds of vintage tone sounding pickups in just one humbucker sized housing. Each “P-Rail” is a (vintage soap bap type) P-90 single coil pickup, a (vintage strat vibe) single coil pickup (powered with an Alnico magnet), and lastly, both together to make a great vintage Gibson induced sounding humbucker. Too clever to be true? It is true, and check them out!

You will place these jewels into any humbucker sized cavity, and pair each one with a three way switch. Seymour Duncan has said little about said switches, but any luthier will know what to use. In one position of the switch a clean vintage strat tone from the single coil alnico mag pickup. Position two will produce awesome P-90 squash for almost any new age rock fans. The third position will combine the two single coils together, and act as one tight as heck humbucker. What else is left to say? Are we living in a great time, or what?

These amazing pickups come in neck or bridge voiced configurations, so make sure that you get what you need. I am waiting for someone to place a pair of these into a newer Hum/Hum Fender Jaguar or perhaps a Fender Jazzmaster. Imagine the sounds of such a combination? Bravo to Seymour Duncan!

Go here to see them in action, and to hear for yourself why these pick ups rock!