Friday, April 6, 2012

Audiofile Engineering apps that I love, and use a lot!

Audiofile Engineering has some very cool apps for iOS devices. I demo'd their "Quiztones" app on Home Recording Weekly some time ago, and that was cool all by itself. They are cool because they are very simple to use, elegantly laid out, and made for capturing sound! I highly recommend that you look into purchasing these two apps. Why? Here are the two main reasons I will give you to head over and get them. One; because I use them often and have fallen in love with the ease of use when capturing sounds. Two; the easy to use editing functions found within!

First of all, there is the FiRe 2 field recorder for recording sounds into your iOS device. It is a fast way to record sound, when you want to, and where ever you are. Not only will the FiRe 2 field recorder record sounds, but it allows for some editing too! Here is some information and specs, as taken from the Audiofile Engineering website.

"FiRe2 will again revolutionize what you expect from a portable recording application. FiRe was the first iPhone recorder to display an accurate audio waveform in real time, the first to support markers, Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant downloading of files in multiple file formats. FiRe was the first application on any platform to offer native SoundCloud integration. Now FiRe 2 incorporates into its original elegant design a stunning list of powerful
new features including":

- Advanced editing suite with SmartEdits, Bezier fades, change gain, normalize, looping playback, regions and more

- Improved Transport screen with faster and smoother drawing and larger waveform view

- EQ and Dynamics effects by Audiofile Engineering

- iTunes File Sharing

- Enhanced input processing powered by iZotope™

- Record in background
Dropbox integration
- Regions
FiRe Studio is the second app that I wish to tell you about. This is like FiRe 2, but with 8 tracks to record onto, and a robust multi-track mixer! Here is some information taken from the Audiofile Engineering website.
"FiRe Studio was created for audio professionals by audio professionals. It's powerful enough for the most experienced musicians and recording engineers, and its efficient workflow and intuitive interface makes it a breeze for business and casual use.

FiRe Studio is built exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch and is brought to you by the minds at Audiofile Engineering. Combining powerful, elegant and uncluttered audio utilities with unparalleled technical support, Audiofile Engineering is one of the most innovative and experienced audio software developers for OS X and the iOS. "

- Editable Markers and Regions

- Detailed Mixer (rotate to landscape view in a mix)

- Click track

- Unlimited number of mixes

- Configurable track colors

- File export via iTunes File Sharing & FTP

- SoundCloud

- Dropbox integration

These are two great apps, and I love them both. But how do I use the FiRe2 and the FiRe Studio? Well, this is just an example, but true none the less. I sing my five month old son to sleep most nights. This is fun for me, but I had an idea. What if I could sing to him, with a backing, multiple track? So, I opened up FiRe Studio and laid down six tracks of the "sleepy time song". Now, oftentimes, I will pull out my IPhone, open

FiRe Studio
, find the "Sleepy time song", and press play. I don't do this all the time, but it is something that makes my life a little more high tech-like! Thanks to Audiofile Engineering for making such cool apps for the recording nuts in us all!

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