Thursday, April 5, 2012

Figure by Propellerhead

Let me tell you right now that Figure is not Reason or Record. So, what is Figure? The most fun you will have for a buck!

Since downloading Figure I have been pasted to my IPhone. My neck is getting sore from bobbing my head to the beats that I have been creating.

Figure looks like no other app out there. The colors are rather pastel, and the interface is simple. It just looks like the folks over at Propellerheads have used their design muscle once more. You have seen what is possible, with the Balance unit, why did we think that Figure would be any different?

Figure acts like no other app out there. The speed and simplicity is king. With just one finger you can get some rather dope beats, bass, and leads going, and then save them for later.

is not a DAW, nor a workstation, but simply a music making app meant to help us all pass some time, and look and act very good along the way.

Here is a snippet from the Propellerheads website ......

"When we set out to create Figure we knew an amazing sound was crucial to its function and simple enjoyment. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look far to find amazing sounds. Powered by Reason, our flagship desktop music production software, Figure puts our advanced Thor Polysonic Synthesizer and Kong Drum Designer in your pocket.

Playing bass, drums, and lead melodies on Figure all happens through the performance pads. These have been designed for touch control from the beginning. You can tap them like traditional keyboards or pad controllers or you can simply hold your finger down and let the rhythm wheels provide a pattern for you. You can easily tap into the sound-sculpting power of Thor’s filters, envelopes, and effects by adjusting each preset’s “Tweaks”.

Don’t know what a filter or envelope is? No problem! Just move your finger along the same performance pad and listen to the changes in sound."

Figure consists of many different drum kits, bass samples, and lead samples to write with. You choose the BPM, the instruments, and the key of your song too, and then get to playing! With one finger you can tweak all sorts of parameters, with options such as envolopes and delays.

There are diferent "screens" to play with, with titles like "Pattern, Tweaks, Song, Mix, and System". While on the "Pattern" screen, you can choose the samples, the tempo, the range of notes to be plyed, and the number of steps within the selected scale. Here is the breakdown of each "page", and what you can select on each of the pages......

The "Tweaks" page, allows for tweaking with effects like filters and delays and the like. You choose the instrument to alter, and then get that finger ready!

The "Song" page is where you select a musical key, and the tempo that you wish to work in.

The "Mix" page is just as you might think, a three channel mixer. You will also find a dial or slider marked "pump", and that is customizable too.

Lastly, the "System" page is where you can clear your new creation and find the online manual if needed.

is simple, elegant, and well designed. It is fun to play with, and the sounds are wonderful.

is powerful, and addictive too. With a price of only one dollar, what are you waiting for? Go and get this cool new app!

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