Friday, April 29, 2011

Problem solved, by IK Multimedia of course!

One of the newest and coolest things in our world are the iPhone, iPad, and all of the musical apps that go with them. These apps are getting very realistic, with everything from guitars, guitar amp sims, pianos and organs, and vocal altering masterpiece apps. One of the main reasons that I have stayed away from all of these apps is due to the problem of not being able to save and then use our material; after a long session of writing with them. Well, that is not the case any longer. I welcome the iRig Recorder! Thanks to IK Multimedia for understanding our needs and our wants!

Here is a link to the new video for the iRig Recorder.

The iRig Recorder organizes your recordings by date and time and also tags them with a geographic location for easy and reliable file management of your recordings. Export your files via email, Wi-Fi, FTP and iTunes File Sharing in a variety of sizes and formats (including CD-Quality uncompressed audio- 16-bit 44.1 kHz). This is cool for all of you field recording junkies, or you “on the go” interviewers!

iRig Recorder features:

Convenient, easy-to-use mobile recording and editing app: just launch the app and press record. The perfect companion to iRig iMic for your podcasts, interviews, concert and field recordings. One-touch recording with real-time monitoring. Intuitive, non-destructive editing tools to cut, crop and loop your recordings. Pitch and time–based effects include changing the speed of your recordings (without affecting pitch) to adapt your content to other media such as audio and video. Organize your recordings by creation date and tags with geographic location. Eight intelligent effects processors automatically optimize your recordings – no audio knowledge required.

iRig Recorder App is available for $4.99 / €3.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or at

Friday, April 22, 2011

Soldano and Orange amps from the IK Multimedia Custom shop!

Not only can you now download Amplitube 3 for free, but you can add amps, stomps, cabs, and rack effects like an “ala carte’” system, as you want them.

Leave it to IK Multimedia to make shopping for gear more fun and easy! Introducing the new IK Multimedia Custom Shop! Well, I took a little trip to the shop, and I was pleasantly rewarded. Brand new in the Custom Shop are some amps, mics, rack effects, and new stomps. What is cool is that you can (of course) purchase or try out any of the amps, mics, rack effects, and stomps currently available in any of the IK Multimedia products such as Metal, Ampeg SVX, and Jimi Hendrix. Plus, there are some new faces.

The new “tube amps” in the IK Multimedia Custom Shop! are a few Orange amps (Tiny Terror, Rocker Verb 50, the AD-30TC) and a Soldano SLO-100 amp. These are a warm welcome, with no pun intended. As you will see and hear in the video that I have posted, these amp tones are right on and they work as their real cousins might.

I love the little things that are well represented here, like the quality reverb found in the Orange 50 rocker amp. Simply put, it is just a very well done reverb, and that means a lot to me.

Let me have your attention for another second here, and let’s check out the attention to detail found on the face of the Soldano SLO-100 amp! Just like the original, there is a clean/crunch switch included. More to the point, it sounds familiar and awesome in clean mode, and even better while in crunch mode. The sustain that this amp seems to incorporate is very realistic, as are the harmonics and the slight “hot feel” that it gives to my guitars’ pickups. I just love the tones that I am able to conjure up from this warm rocker. The clean tone is very “tube like”, and can be used with your guitars’ volume to dial in that sweet spot. The crunch is a sonic treat for the 80’s rocker in us all too. Let us not forget the overdrive/normal switch, which again, is just like the real deal, and it works and sounds like the original too. Lastly, as for the switches that is, is the Bright/Normal switch. Yes, it works and sounds like the real deal. Hey, go ahead and check it out, for yourself, for free!

Next, I would love to thank a couple of fellow bloggers for putting one of my songs on their podcast. The Homemade Hit show played a loop based song that I put together for my (at the time) girlfriend. Thanks so much Tony and Dave! You guys rock, and we all listen to the The Homemade Hit show as often as we can!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recent music news to share.

IK Multimedia is proud to offer a FREE upgrade to the new AmpliTube 3.5, a fully functional version of AmpliTube 3 with all features, a selection of 24 free gear models and the new Custom Shop, a brand new way to try and buy single gear models of legendary brands à la carte to build a truly custom tone.

The Custom Shop includes officially certified models from legendary brands such as FenderTM, Orange®, Ampeg®, SoldanoTM and many more. Here is a link to see some of the new stomps, new amps, new rack effects, and other new gear.

Here is a link to see the new video about the Custom shop.

Here is a link to where you can learn more about Custom Shop from IK Multimedia.

Toontrack has released a brand new midi pack, named “Blues midi pack”. You can hear audio samples by clicking this link, and you can see the video for Blues midi pack by following this link. The midi files are played by Hans Lindback, and it appears to be the real deal, and covers many blues styles. What else could be as cool? Well, how about a price tag of only 29 bucks?