Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy NEW Year!!!

Thank You Everyone!!!

With the arrival of 2011, I felt the need to try to recognize all of you that made a difference, and to say “thanks for stopping in every now and then”.

So, just what has happened over the last year to deserve such a post as this?

Well, in January of 2010, The Home Recording Weekly blog was sitting at a mere 170 visits each week, and that was on a good week. There were no video demos on the blog yet, and the readers simply had to “take my word” about the products that I reviewed. So, drastic times called for drastic measures, as they say.

In January of 2010 the Home Recording Weekly blog found its way over to the YouTube site, and created its own YouTube channel. There, it enjoyed a somewhat slow start, but, however, one by one, the visitors found there way. I started to see some traffic before very long. In just this one year, the YouTube traffic has clocked in some 20,000 visitors! To that I thank each and every one of you!

The color scheme of the blog changed rather all of a sudden, and a new logo came out of nowhere. Let's face the facts, the old green look was not growing on me. I hope the new look is fine with all of you that have been here long enough to have noticed the change.

Over the 2010 year, the Home Recording Weekly blog held six, month long songwriting contests, and gave away some cool prizes to the winners. Thanks for all of the awesome song contest entries, and a big thanks goes out to IK Multimedia and Toontrack software for donating all of the great prizes too! I can't wait to launch the songwriting contest again this year! Stay tuned for the contest start date, and the rules for entering this year!

Throughout this last year the Home Recording Weekly blog has also made its way around the web. You can find (both) snippets from; and links to; the Home Recording Weekly blog on such websites as KRK monitors, HomeGrown Premium Sound, 300 Guitars, Toontrack, Voice Counsel, and the SFX Pro's website. That is a big deal for me, and I would love to just say “thanks for all of the cool attention”!

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