Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taylor “Solid Body Classics” and Taylors new “loaded pickgaurds”.

It seems as if I am posting about guitars lately. Well, that actually is the truth. Why am I posting so much about guitars? I do not know. Perhaps guitar manufacturers are continually pumping out new models in order to keep their brand name on our tongues. It could be that I play guitar as my go to instrument when I write music. It could be that guitars have always been so darn cool looking to us all. Whatever the reason, here is yet another guitar post for those keeping count!

You would think that being well known as the maker of the world’s best quality acoustic guitar would make you content. Taylor guitars are the best American made acoustic guitars on the market. However, they could not rest with just that one title. No, they had to go and enter into the electric guitar market too. Their electric hollow body guitars (the T3 and the T5 series) have all but taken the entire globe by storm, and have added to an already incredible reputation.

Now they are once again showing signs of not being content with being the best in one or two areas in the world of guitars. Taylor has released the Solid Body guitar series.

At first glance you might only see a well made solid body electric guitar. But the best parts of all are in the details! Note the finishes and the tone woods. Look closer at the Classic; it’s the one that has a pick guard. These new models have been designed to cover all of the tonal ranges, in an interestingly new approach. How about changing the types of pickups out in just one easy operation with only a screwdriver? Yes, this is really happening.

Taylor knows that we are not all electrical engineers with a deep enjoyment for soldering. They have come up with a unique way to better find and get the tone that you desire. Instead of a modeling guitar or amp (with an onboard computer doing all of the work) they stuck to the tonal truth. The tone of an electric guitar comes from its’ pickups. Hence their latest idea; loaded pickups! These gifts from heaven are for the classic series of the solid bodied guitars only, since they have pickgaurds and the others don’t. I’m just saying…

Pick gaurds for the classic come in four colors; black pearloid, white pearloid, tortoise shell, and black. The pick up combinations are as follows: 3 single coils, 2 mini HG (high gain) humbuckers, 2 HD (high definition) humbuckers, 2 HG humbuckers, single HG humbuckers in the bridge position, 2 single coil and one HG humbuckers, 1 mini humbuckers in the neck position and one single coil in the bridge position.

Hit the jump to view the various controls (pots for tone and volume, and pickup selector switches) for each pickgaurd configuration. I wish that I had come up with that whole idea! Rerecording musicians please take note, for “that special tone” for every single song is now reachable with just one incredible, well made guitar.

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