Sunday, June 7, 2009


C’mon feel (this) noise, coming from the Marshall 1959RR Head.

Randy Rhoads was an incredible musician. A fact is a fact.

After recording and touring with Quiet Riot, Randy felt his first taste of fame. He then joined forces with Ozzy Osbourne and together they recorded just two albums. He left his blazing solos behind for us all to enjoy for eternity, when he passed away in 1982.

Randy Rhoads’ sound is unmistakable. One only need put any one of his recordings on, and within two notes you know it is Randy Rhodes. He was particular about such important things. His tone came from a mix of Jackson guitars with humbucking pickups, and an all tube, custom wired 1959 Marshall Super Lead amp.

Metal shredding guitar players figured out that the 1959 Marshall Super Lead amp could be made into a high-gain terror simply by running a cable from the channel one output into the channel two’s input.

Randy knew this trick, and he asked the folks at Marshall to internally hard wire his own ordered amp heads in this same way. This overdriven mod was remembered by the folks at the Marshall factory.

Randy also opted for the classic white Tolex covering for his amps, and tradition has stuck. Marshall 1959RR Head is wrapped up in all white Tolex.

Here are some You Tube videos demonstrating this hot amp.

Below are some specs for the Marshall 1959RR Head.

POWER: 100 watts RMS
CONTROLS: Treble, mid, bass, presence, volume I, volume II
VALVES: (4) x EL34 output valves; (4) ECC83 (12AX7) preamp valves

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