Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fast web links for fellow original artists.

Today I have decided to post some links to some very cool sites that I have found to be quite active.
Sites that allow us to post and share our art are certainly plentiful. It is when I find such a site that allows us to upload our original art and/or download others' art, that also has become quite popular, that I take note. I would like to pass on a few such sites for you all to check out and possibly upload your own art.

First up is a "stumble upon site".
Sometimes I feel as if I am the last one to find cool and hip sites. Put it on Music is perhaps one of the hippest sites “poppin” today. I found that it is quite active, and folks are downloading my material. There is a metric ton of great music on there for you to find and to download as well.

The site also shows current stats, such as downloads, plays, and followers of your art.

Thanks goes out to IK Multimedia for the great looking link that they placed on their website. I look forward to reviewing more and more of their great products in the near future. Keep coming back to see what new gear (from IK Multimedia) I am trying out next!

Worlds best producers” once again makes the short list! Worlds Best Producers is where musicians like you and I can find (and share) original beats, bass lines, and even complete original music. The fun starts with the voting of “Producer of the month”, and keeps going as you can “drop” other “producers” (or members) scores and messages.

The reason for the recent interest on the Worlds Best Producers site is that I found a “Listen to the track of the moment exclusive” banner, which is a quick link to any song that you upload for this feature! It takes folks straight to your newest jam! How cool is that?

Music Forte claims that they will have their websites’ download sales system up and running very soon. You can still listen to great original music here, but I am just not too sure exactly when the download sales will be implemented. When it comes online it will be the place to be!

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