Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Joining song writing guilds and clubs.

One of the best ways to get exposed to the music profession is through joining special groups and clubs. Joining a songwriter’s guild or club will only help you, and your career in the long run. Meeting with others that share your interests can bring knowledge and contacts. These can be powerful things.

There are music professionals all around us. There are also recording studios, home recording set ups, audio software recording gurus, and awesome studio musicians in our towns and cities. Instead of just wishing that these professionals would come to us, perhaps it is time to get out and meet them. These folks hang with others that share their passion, and so should you! They are just waiting to meet you!

Meeting folks that share your passion for writing, recording, and performing music can spark so many different business conversations that I dare not commit to even listing any. Think of the possibilities…. A songwriters group is like a big think tank, of which you can give and take ideas from. Friendships like these are ones that might just last a lifetime.

For a very small fee each month or year, you possibly can have access to studio space and time, music gear, song writing partners, studio musicians and singers, and that is just some of the potential benefits! What is that worth to you?

But what if you are not the social type?

Well then, perhaps an online group is more your speed. There are plenty of these to choose from. Worlds Best Producers, Forte, Blip, and Myspace are just some of the ones that I use often. These sites have all paid off in one way or another. I have met other people that share my musical interests, have had my musical questions answered, and received much helpful feedback for my original music.

Some of the online music forums are like meeting places for musicians. Most of these sites are jam packed with people just like us. Like us, these good folks enjoy reading blogs, answering other musician’s questions, and just sharing what is on their mind. They don’t mind sharing their ideas, giving others some much wanted feedback, and simply helping others in any way they can. Here are some of these great sites…

Shane O’Connor Recording Blog
Brians Bedroom Blog
Home Recording
Recording Review
Inside Home Recording

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