Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ampeg SVX bass guitar amp software review.

As I posted about IK Multimedias' Stealth Pedal Deluxe a while back, I promised that I would follow up with a post on the included IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX software. Well today is that day, and here we go.

My own recordings were lacking balls. The bottom end used to be written note by note, and people could tell. They knew within three notes that the bass guitar was a computer, no matter how well it was written.

Problem was that I couldn’t afford to buy a bass amp and the additional effects pedals that would make my recordings pop. That problem has been solved, and in a great way. I am now running my bass directly into Ampeg SVX, and it's presence is obvious as you listen to my recordings!

To begin, IK Multimedia has become the fore runner in amp modeling software. Their “target correct tone” products are as niche as niche can be. This is perfect for the tone purists out there. IK Multimedia’s products for such tone fanatics include Ampeg SVX bass amp software, Fender guitar amp software, Metal guitar amp software, and even a Jimi Hendrix guitar amp bundle/package! C’mon, what are you waiting for, get on board!

My version of Ampeg SVX shipped with an installation CD which included an instruction manual in PDF form, and the Ampeg SVX software installer. Ampeg SVX loaded in seconds, and with Pro Tools it works flawlessly. Ampeg SVX also works in Macs and/or PC’s, with support for both Leopard (MAC) and Vista. Ampeg SVX can operate in either VST mode or in RTAS mode, so if you gig or you write at home, this product should be on your “must have” list.

Ampeg SVX fits into the “powered by Amplitube” series, which means that it is compatible with a host of IK Multimedia’s products like the Stealth Pedal and the Stomp I/O Pedal Board.

Getting around the interface is a breeze.

The four separate modules are the tuner, a stomp pedal board, the amp section, and the cab and microphone module.

The Amp section is where the heart of the tone resides. Here you will find four signature Ampeg amps all modeled using the IK Multimedia DSM technology. The four classic Ampeg amps are the SVT-Classic, B-15R Portaflex “flip top”, BA-500, and the SVT-4Pro. Four classic amps and each one is amazingly dead on in both sound and in the small tonal details. What more could anyone want? How about some Ampeg stomp pedals?

There are a total of eight stomp pedals included in Ampeg SVX. Each one packs a tonal punch, and is completely tweakable right down to the smallest of details. Using the stomp pedals became as much fun as the software itself and the fun was only getting started!

The next module is the Cabinet and the microphone selection. You will have a total of six Ampeg speaker cabs to choose from, and a total of six different microphone types to pull your tone from. Add to this the ability to add room ambiance with just the move of a slider, and you may place the microphone as close to or as far away from the cab as you wish. Making “your own” envisioned music is now possible!

To wrap up my review of IK Multimedias Ampeg SVX, I can only add this to my list of IK Multimedia’s product reviews with another “Two guitar pics way, way up”! This is the top honor, as dished out by myself here at Home Recording Weekly Blog!

Using Ampeg SVX is a snap and it is as comfortable to set up and navigate as the real thing would be. Twisting knobs really does stuff, which just makes me tickle way down deep inside. Choosing the perfect microphone/cabinet combination, and added effect pedals gets me just where I need to be in order to make my recordings shine.

Ampeg SVX is a professional recreation of some of the most sought after Ampeg bass rigs in the world. Get it, because you need it.

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