Monday, August 17, 2009

ToonTrack Music becomes new sponsor.

I am proud to announce the news that ToonTrack Music has become a sponsor of the Home Recording Weekly blog, and ToonTrack Music is currently supplying its’ products for the up and coming song writing contest, once again, here on Home Recording Weekly.

Please keep a look out, here on Home Recording Weekly, for a full review of ToonTracks’ EZ Drummer.

For those of you that have yet to become better acquainted with ToonTrack Musics’ line of drum software products, let me lead the way. I will briefly describe what sorts of fine products they are currently providing to both the professional, and to the home recording scene and then I will explain what they are and how they can easily work for you!

ToonTrack Music makes some of the best, and easiest to use drum software on the market. This I will say weather ToonTrack Music is a sponsor or not.

I say this because of the wide range of ToonTrack products that can accommodate for any percussion styles! The quality of each of the products (both in detail and in sound) and the ease in which these products are to place into your workflow is simply incredible.

Let me start this post over, and detail for you just what ToonTracks’ products can do for you.

Imagine having a drummer sitting beside you, as you write your music. This drummer can play any style of beats that you wish him or her to play for you. This drummer can switch up every single nuance of each performance with ease, right down to creating the best fills possible for your song. This drummer came with tons of ideas all readily available to audition for you, and this drummer never tires!


Well, this drummer came to your studio with a complete array of microphones, all of which are set up in an impressive drum room. Your very own drummer has a microphone mixer all set up that allows you to fine tune the percussions input in order to get the best possible sounding tracks, and all in seconds flat. Adjusting between the drums themselves and the room microphones is as easy as moving sliders!

This is what ToonTrack Music has done for us all. Their products range from a trendy “Nashville EZX” drum kit to a full on metal-pounding experience that is “Drumkit from Hell EZX”. If you have a vision ToonTrack has your percussion, right down to the most eclectic sounds that you will ever need which can be found in their Twisted Kit EZX.

So, ToonTrack has made a product for every type of percussion style, for any type of music, and all of which is completely tweakable right from the drum room. Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

Each product from ToonTrack Music integrates seamlessly into any DAW set up.

ToonTracks drum software products can be played with a midi keyboard. If writing each note isn’t your forte, than perhaps you might choose to audition different midi patterns (all created from high quality samples) and then choose the one that is just right for your new number one hit. The list of midi drum patterns is simple overwhelming in number, but not overwhelming in their use! Putting a drum line into your new creations is as simple as performing a “drag and drop”. Drumming is now fast and easy for everyone!

I am pleased to offer a hearty “Welcome onboard” out to TuneTrack Music, from the Home Recording Weekly blog! Thanks for your sponsorship, and thanks for your great line of time saving, incredible sounding drum software!

Take a minute out of your crazy work day, and check out some of the videos that they have put together just for you at ToonTrack Musics website. Here you can see, and hear these amazing products in action. Go ahead and see for yourself why ToonTrack Music is the leader in great sounding, easy to use percussion software.

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