Friday, December 18, 2009

Cool sites, links, and new stuff for you home recording nuts.

Welcome to the Home Recording Weekly blog, where I dish about recording techniques, test out cool new gear, and related home recording products.

This post is dedicated to some very informative and very hip sites that I have recently surfed across. Included in today's post are some blogs that I simply must share with you all. Also I will post about some new products that you could busy yourself with over the holidays, and some cool video sites.

First up today is a very good blog that I found. The blog is called
Ronan's Recording Show, and it is the balls! I had not known about this awesome video blog but now I sure do!

This guy (Ronan) is a working professional recording studio engineer, and if that doesn't tell you something all by itself, it should. I have always tried to find folks that know a lot more than I do, and then learn from them. Ronan takes us all with him (via videos) on his travels around the globe to exotic and famous recording studios, tech shows, and even hotels that he haunts. Ronan then explains how to make better recordings with what is available to most of us. His gear reviews are very much in depth and non bias, which is very good to know. This site rocks, so check it out and watch the videos! I will add that you can see the shows, and get them downloaded at Itunes, as MP4, if that is more your speed. Make sure to subscribe and then tell your friends about it too.

Next up are some very cool links to some awesome new products!

If you own an Iphone, and you read this blog, then you know all about
IK Multimedia's Groove Maker apps. Most of the music that I create is my own rock and roll, so I dismissed the whole “trance loop thing” the first time 'round. Well, look out, IK Multimedia has a new, and rather ballsy app out for all of us rock and roll nuts. It is named the “Groove Maker, Rock Ace”, and it was named after the creator, and the performer behind it, Ace, the guitarist and co-founder of the multi-platinum rock band Skunk Anansie. Please do yourself the solid, and follow the link to it. Check out this demo.

I got a cool email from the folks over at
Celemony, and I thought that I would cut and paste the good stuff here, and just for you all! Here it is......

“Don't like reading handbooks? Why not just sit back then and watch the show? On our web site, you'll find numerous videos about Melodyne editor and Melodyne essential RTAS that explain their operation and technology clearly and in plain English. At the moment, there's around an hour of material available but we're already working on additional films. Another 30 minutes will be added as early as January. Why not take a look?”
Here is the link to follow in order to get to the Celemony video page.

Thanks to you all for a great year! See you soon, and happy holidays!

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