Thursday, January 21, 2010

ZT Lunchbox Amp

First impressions....

This is no toy, and in no way is this a novelty product. I was shocked when I picked up the box that the amp was in. This gem weighs in at 9 and a half pounds! The
ZT Lunchbox amp is very well made, and rugged enough to last longer than most bands do. The cab, or enclosure is made of very solid, high density fiberboard, and not plastic. The back is a metal plate, and everything that is attached (inputs, dials, speaker, ect.) to the ZT Lunchbox amp is also made very well.

Not too long ago there were a few companies that made these small guitar amps for practicing at home or on the fly. These amps clipped onto your belt and ran on batteries. They were cute looking, but they sounded like garbage. Again, the
ZT Lunchbox amp is as far away from those types of amps as you can possibly get. The ZT Lunchbox amp means business.

Within two minutes after the amp was out of the box, it was plugged in and being put through its paces. How would this tiny amp sound, and would it fart out when I cranked it up past the “landlord respectable” volume levels? Once again, the ZT Lunchbox amp is not a toy. This amp is quality. The ZT Lunchbox is quality built, provides quality tone, and it “sounds of” quality at any volume level.

In fact, if you measure volume levels by using the almighty RMS levels (root means square levels) readings, like I have learned to, than you are in for a pleasant surprise.The ZT Lunchbox amp is rated at an impressive 120 watts RMS! ***

***As a side note, most products that have audio power amps inside them are rated at their “utter-most power output”. Even though at these insane peak power output levels their output noise will sound terrible, this is how companies manage to sell these products.

RMS levels are just what you need to look for. As explained to me a long time ago, basically RMS is the average, or the “means”, volume levels that the output levels are most distortion free, and the amp can handle this level of power output without cracking out.

Think about those cheaper, and too good to be true at “this price”, “1000 watt” car amps.... 1000 watts of power is beyond our comfort level, in fact it would be painful for humans. The amps can't help but to break up and fart, distort, and blow fuses at this type of output.

The rating of 1000 watts is very misleading, and here is why. These amps are most often 500 watts per channel, peak, and that is a miss statement too. At RMS rated volume levels these amps are, maybe, at best, 200 watts. So, a 1000 watt amp is really only a semi-decent 200 watts.***

ZT Lunchbox amp is a hit. This amp rocks, and one of them has now found a good home. This amp will be used in my recordings from here on out. If you are still on the fence, go try one out. You will be bringing one home too!

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