Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just thought that I would help spread the word about perhaps one of the coolest “gigging amps” that I have heard about recently.

ZT amps has a new Acoustic Lunchbox amp at the NAMM show, and it is designed specifically for acoustic “coffee house style” gigs!

I saw an article about this amp over at Billy Penns “300 Guitars” site, and could not believe what ZT amps has put into this new offering.

What could be so cool?

Well, let's start with two independent channels. One is a microphone channel, ¼ inch and XLR inputs, and the other is a ¼ inch instrument input. This new ZT amp has a dedicated mic gain control, and a dedicated instrument gain control. Don't forget about the cool 1/8th inch stereo input for whatever you wish to amplify (mp3 player, cd player, ect).

Oh yea, did I mention an effects loop? Wow, that is the sell point for me right there! This amp has a plate style reverb built in too, along with a 3 position anti feedback control with bypass, anti clipping circuit, phantom power, ant then there are the out puts.......

There is a headphone/DI output, external speaker output, and the 6 ½ inch speaker. These can be plugged into a larger speaker cab if you so choose, or you can purchase a matching ZT amp speaker cab.

This all adds up to a guitar amp, a vocal amp, and an effects loop; all in one small, easy to carry box! Well done......

For all of the specks you can Follow This Link, over to the ZT amp site.


  1. how can the effects loop be a selling point? a lot of compact acoustic amps has a efx loop.

    the soundquality should be the real selling point IMO

  2. true, but look across the board and you will find that a lot do not have this feature. Dollar for dollar, this amp is quite a steal.

  3. I am looking for a transparent amp to run My Tonelab LE into,
    FX loop might make this better than the lunchbox for a tiny but
    powerful amp. Seen any reviews on this setup ?

  4. Nope, however, head over to, where Billy Penn can and will answer any and all ZT Amp questions.

  5. Hi everyone..!! Chairman...I have gotten great feedback from many players that use the LB Acoustic with the Tonelab LE (and other similar types of units). The LB Acoustic is flat or transparent enough and sounds great. You can use it with an extension cab like a 1x12, 2x12 or whatever for even a bigger sound. This is definitely the most versatile little amp ZT makes....possibly anyone makes....I said possibly ;) Anyway that's the feedback I've been getting. For the money you can't beat it. Please let me know if you have any further questions and I will answer them for you.. Thanks Steve for letting me know about his question....!!!!! -Billy

  6. You must be getting good drugs. I bought a ZT acoustic and the only steal was me paying a pocket full of cash for this thing. Not a useless amp but certainly no bargain. I think they pulled the 200 watt claim out of thin air. My 60 watt Crate Gunnison can bury the ZT at a quarter of the volume setting no to mention all other areas...except size. Save your money.

  7. as always, thanks for your comment. Drugs....... no, fiber.........yes. The ZT accoustic amps are not rated at "RMS" amps, which, at 200 amps would not be pleasant to be arround. But you all know that. The uniqueness of ZT small, great sound is what we all love!