Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reason 4 Vocoder

Reason 4 Vocoder.

Reason (version 4) from Propellarhead becomes more and more powerful each time I learn new tricks. What I mean is that there is no end to the things that are possible when writing with Reason 4 . Just when you feel as if you know a thing or two about Reason 4 , WHAMM-O, you learn a new trick that then opens up even more possibilities for you. The amount of things you can do with Reason 4 are really endless.

This week I would like to discuss the Vocoder. You have all heard Vocoders used to create a robotic sort of synth voice. What I wish to cover is using percussion loops to trigger the Vocoder in order to get cool sounds from a virtual instrument (NN19) synth patch.

This might sound confusing, but I will not dive in too deep just yet, instead, I will let the professionals take you there.
Here is a link to some very well produced videos on the topic of explaining the Vocoder. Jump over to this link to “hear” what I am “typing out” for you. I am currently working on bringing you all video blog posts very soon, but for now words and images will have to suffice. I followed the same ideas as the video, just inserted a NN19 device in place of the Subtractor.

As you might know, I started this blog to become more familiar with products that are used by Home Recording enthusiasts, and to learn more about the things that I am not knowledgeable about. Vocoders are not something that I know a ton about, but I know enough to be considered dangerous......so look out!
Start with a blank song in
Reason 4 . Open up (hold down “shift” while clicking on the device that you wish to open and it opens without the cables) a Digital Vocoder, a mixer, NN19, and the DR. Rex loop player. Well keep it simple for today, but as I learn too, more might come along.

Front of Reason, for today's post.

Next, route the cables in this fashion.....

*The mixer main out puts will go to the rewire host, same as it ever was.....
*The left output of the Dr. Rex loop player goes to the “Modulator input” of the digital Vocoder.
*Both, the left and the right, outputs of the NN19 are connected to the “Carrier Input” of the digital Vocoder.
*Both, the left and right, outputs from the digital Vocoder get inserted in the mixer, at channel ones' left and right input.

Reasons cable patching for today's post.
Be sure to find a loop that you like for the Dr. Rex loop player and then find a cool patch for the NN19. I went with “Herbalize” for a loop, and a “DXRhoads” for a synth patch.

Now simply clicking on the Dr. Rex loop player, on the button labeled “Preview” will get the loop cycling thru. Now all you need to do is click on the NN19 device to select it, and play on your piano keyboard, oh lord......

Here is what is happening.
The NN19's patch is being fed into the Vocoder. However, it only can be heard as the loop triggers it to sound. This is very cool in that you can get some amazing sounding patches (Hello Moby) and get some interesting rhythms as well. I am so into this Vocoding thing, that a lot of time has passed since I started this post. What fun this is.

Like I said, today is a “learning day” for me as well. I just wanted to assist you in finding a great beginners Vocoder video, and to provide you with some images and text to help you along in the process.

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