Friday, May 22, 2009

Recording Weekly blog notes….

I have pulled the quantization tracks from the related “quantization post”, down from the web, just incase you are wondering where they went. They have served their purpose, so out with the old! Housekeeping I suppose!

For those of you not that familiar with Worlds Best Producers, it is a great place for the home recording musicians to meet other recording enthusiasts, and a great place to pull ideas from. Other participants can listen to your music and then rate it. They will ask for you to return the favor, which is half the fun of this site. There is a constant tally of votes kept by the site, and the votes are for producer of the month and year. You can either cast a vote for, or get votes from others, for producer of the month and of the year. Cash and merchandise prizes are rewarded to the winners!

I have just updated my site at Worlds Best Producers. I have re-written some classics and supplied brand new tracks to the site. Feel free to listen, and then leave me a note.

Secondly, if you are not yet familiar with the indie music scenes’ download laden website, titled Forte, then it should be next on your “must go to” list. Forte is where indie musicians can meet and greet one another, plus sell or purchase their own music.

Free downloads are available on Forte too, so make sure you spend some quality time searching your favorite type of music genre. Uploading your own music is simple, and you are able to keep track of your visitors as well as the downloading of your own cuts. Free membership is available.

I also have a song writing page on Forte, and if you would like to check it out, than here is the link to it. Thanks for listening, by the way!

Keep on writing and singing! Feel free to post your own comments here for all to see.

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