Monday, May 11, 2009

Reason to the recording rescue.

If you are like me you want to record your music in the fastest and the best sounding ways possible. With much warm welcome, let me introduce Reason Record! The link is to a great video that will make you laugh and make you want to purchase this. Unfortunately you will have to wait until September. There is a beta version available, however, if you must play now.

What’s awesome here (at only first glance) is that Reason has included both a Line 6 POD guitar unit and a POD bass unit in the Record package!

Add to that some pianos and drums along with a mixer that boasts a buss compression and you are making world class music at home!

Expected cost is 299 U.S. dollars, 149 if you currently run and own a version of Reason, and a compiled package that includes both a current version of Reason with Record too, at 629 U.S. dollars. This may sound steep, but it is not. This is one heck of a powerful package! The guitar and bass simulators alone are that expensive. I am giddy.

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