Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Winner of the fourth songwriting contest

And the fourth winner is.......

The fourth and final (until next time) Home Recording Weekly songwriting contest has come to a close. A great big “Congratulations” is going out, from me, to Brandon Kinross, for taking the months' prize with his great song titled “Imagination”.

Brandon writes.......

'Imagination' was recorded in my bedroom like all the others on my reverbpage (link below). I have a very basic recording setup at the moment. Which includes a Cort acoustic, a Vantage electric and Orange crush amp. Its nothing fancy but it allows me to capture my ideas before they float on by. As a result many of my demos are raw and in their purest form. Sometimes it makes it a little tougher to give the rock songs the *umph* they need, but with enough post production you can still produce a demo you can listen to and share. Three cheers for drum loops and keyboard bass!

This song started out with just a basic unplugged live track. The main vocals and acoustic are performed by me, and the organ and harmony are by Mr. Bob Pompei. I think our voices work really well together and I thank him for adding an element to the song that I wouldn't be able to achieve alone. It really made the song shine. Every now and then you write a song that doesn't need any fancy sound effects or drums added. 'Imagination' stands out as one I would like to keep simple when the time comes to record it professionally. It was inspired by someone special but I apply it to many of the people I miss.

Songwriting is an addiction I love feeding. I'm the type of person that would leave a crowded room and sneak off into the bathroom, so I could call my answering machine and hum myself a song idea to save for later. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of the night if I let it get away! In that spirit I try to record as much as possible. I hope to experience some real studio time one day and give many of these songs the justice they deserve.

To learn more about me and what I do, I welcome you to come find me on, or any of the links below. I have a huge variety of bedroom demos posted from Rock, to Pop to acoustics, ballads and even electronic instrumentals. Download them, share them, and sing them in the shower! I write almost everyday and new songs are posted weekly. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact or Facebook me.

Thanks for listening!

Brandon Kinross”

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A very good job indeed! This is yet another awesome quality “bedroom recording”, which I just love to get in the mail. The harmonies in “Imagination” are sounding like those of the band Extreme, as in “More than words”, and this song just flows real nice. Well done!

But wait......., what's this? Two contest winners?

Well, sort of.. How about another great big “Congratulations” for Fragile Transit, for their song titled “Blew me away”, which is a winner too!

Fragile Transit writes......

Thank you for your interest in Fragile Transit. The Songs submitted to you were recorded in my home studio using 2 Presonus firepods and Cubase 5. The mics are Apex 435(vocals), Shure sm58's(Vocals), A Samson 5 kit plus 2 audio technica condensors for overheads. Guitar Tokia SG, amp is a Peavey Delta Blues 15" combo. Drums are Sonor 3005 maple. Ibanez bass DI in.

Guitar/Lead Vocals - Josh rude

Recording/Mixing/mastering/bass/BG Vocals- Steve Seltenrich

Drums - Gary Stalwick

These "demos" have created quite a buzz and have landed us a full length album session at PM Recording in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Fragile Transit is a hard hitting trio from Outlook, Saskatchewan that have been compared to greats such as ZZtop, Judas Priest, GreenDay and Van Halen. Their mix of Rock, Blues, Swamp, and just a splash of Metal is what gives them the edge and manages to bring every crowd to its feet.

Fragile Transit are currently in studio with producer Josh Palmer and are working on their second recorded release in 3 years. They plan to follow up the debut of their new album “The Ride” with a rigorous tour schedule through Canada and the United States.

Fragile Transit was formed in 2007 by guitarist/vocalist Josh Rude and bassist/vocalist Steve Seltenrich. They were able to recruit long time friend Gary Stalwick to fill the position as drummer. With the trio complete they immediately got down to work writing original songs and showcasing their talent to the local scene in Saskatoon, opening for recording artist Mobile and working with other great talents such as Inward Eye, Whole Lotta Angus, Wide Glide, New Rock Underground, Tim Vaughn, Josh Palmer and Mr. Brownstone. It was not long before they were headlining all over Saskatchewan.

To feed their Rock ‘n’ Roll addiction, Fragile Transit has recorded a 5 song Ep, toured Saskatchewan and headlined venues like The Roxy and Buds On Broadway. They also appeared on the Shaw Cable television show “Stripped Down”, placed 3rd in Saskatchewan Band Warz and support the Relay For Life cancer fundraisers. Currently they are in pre-production of their new album “The Ride”.”

Steve and Stacy have entered this Fragile Transit rocker more times than anyone else has entered, and have been in second place each time that they tried. Well, darn it, they need to be recognized! What a great rock and roll tune indeed. This will stick in your head, so be warned! Good job!

Thanks for a great time, and a successful first run of the Home Recording Weekly songwriting contest! I will be holding off for a short while before starting the contest up again. Thanks for all of the great entries, and for all of the fun emails. You all rock! Please remember, just because you did not win does not mean that your material isn't good, it all was very good!


  1. Great song Fragile Transit! Congrats on the win!
    Big thanks to Steve and his blog for shining some light on the dark corner we write in.

  2. I love Fragile Transit...