Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free iZotope Vinyl Plug in

A very cool, and free, plug in from iZotope.

Izotope makes some very good plug ins. From their Alloy mixing plug in to their Vinyl plug in, they are all top notch products.

Izotope has a plug in for some of your virtual instrument demands, right down to a plug in for whatever it is that you need to fix too! A quick visit to their site will fill you all in on just what they have to offer! I wish to discuss one of their free offerings, Vinyl.

Izotope Vinyl is available for free, from their site.

What is Vinyl? Glad that you asked. Vinyl is simply a re-creation of vinyl defects and noises of “yesteryear”. This plug in is a complete blast to play with, and it sounds very authentic. There are eight sliders, four knobs, and two switches on the interface of Vinyl. The first group of sliders raise or lower the levels of “mechanical noise, wear, electrical noise, dust, scratch, and warp depth”. Adding these vinyl throwback sounds to your “clean” digital recordings is now a snap.

The next two sliders all by themselves are the input gain and the output gain. There are two knobs labeled “amount” which work as independent levels, or gains. One of the two switches selects either mono or stereo, and the second selects weather it is bypassed or not. Lastly are two more knobs. One of these two knobs selects the RPM speed of the record that you are selecting noise from (i.e. 33, 45, 78), and the last knob selects the “year” of the sample. This last “year” knob acts as a pre set EQ of sorts, along with other effects, it makes the noise more date specific in sound.

So, if you want a new sound source to play with, and one that is of great sound and quality, head over to Izotope and download Vinyl, for free, today!

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