Thursday, August 26, 2010

DrummerTracks Series

Song-length drum tracks from Sonic Reality!

Hey, do you want to play or practice your guitar or bass “in time”? Check out these drummer tracks from Sonic Reality.

Taken from the IK Multimedia website.......

DrummerTracks™ is a series of 10 style-based titles offering multiple song-length drum tracks performed by top studio drummers, and recorded in world class studios by sound powerhouse Sonic Reality, to be used as play along tracks for the AmpliTube range of software and mobile apps.

Distributed exclusively by IK Multimedia they offer guitarists, bassists and any other musicians a new way to play along with drum grooves. Unlike other play along grooves, DrummerTracks™ have been produced to sound exactly like classic albums of yesterday and today using the same state of the art equipment and sometimes even the original drummer and producer/engineer!

It’s like playing along to the drum tracks extracted from your favorite albums. A wide variety of styles ranging from Classic Rock to ProgRock to Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Country and more are available. It’s total inspiration wherever you go. Fills and variations for verses, choruses and/or challenging jam sections happen automatically just like they would with a live drummer.

Import DrummerTracks™ into AmpliTube SpeedTrainer in Mac/PC or iPhone/iPod/iPad to play along or use then in your preferred DAW sequencer - simply hit play and start rocking! You can use it for practicing, playing, composing or just to have fun! An ideal source of inspiration with high-quality and ultra convenient sound content that can have a large variety of use in your studio computer or in your mobile devices.

Each title includes 10 or more drum tracks in 44Khz/16 bit Wave format, and over 500MB of samples, for only $29.99/€19.99 each.”

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