Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toontrack Beatstation

Hello to all of you,

I have returned from a great vacation, and I am glad to be back here reporting on the newest musical gadgets out there today.

Toontrack is on the music scene radar once more, with the release of some very cool teaser videos, showing their brand new product. The product is called “Beatstation” and this software is freaking cool!

What is Beatstation? Glad that you asked! Beatstation is a lot of things, all combined into one package. Toontrack has placed their awesome “trigger pads” into this software, and it will allow us to assign midi or Rex files to those pads.

Not only can you use the pads to trigger sounds in Beatstation, but there is a sequencer built in there too! It looks as if the usual (and simple) sort of cutting and pasting was just not enough, as Toontrack has made sure to implement some awesome effects into the Beatstation package as well.

Hey, don't just take it from me, head over here to see for yourself, and you will agree that Toontrack has stepped up to the plate, and are ready to hit this one out of the park!

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