Monday, March 22, 2010

SongWriters Drumpack from Toontrack

How much would you pay just to be able to “skip over” what is perhaps the most tedious part of songwriting?

Think about this for a minute....... You have just come up with a clever riff on the guitar or piano, and you are racing to “get it down” before you forget it. The best way to do this is to track it with drums, but if you take the time to write, or even drag and drop the correct drum midi files that “work” the entire way through (don't forget that songs need different midi files for each of the changes), the inspiration will soon be gone. You never get those great ones back.

What if we had a clever way to match up complete midi drum files for complete songs, with changes like choruses and bridges all built in? How much would this midi library be worth to you?

How about just $19.00?

Introducing the SongWriters Drumpack from Toontrack Music.

Click here in order to go to the Toontrack website videos and see for yourself why this new midi library is just what you need.

Here is how you can obtain you own SongWriters Drumpack from Toontrack Music.

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