Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soundation Studio

Let me turn you onto something new.

Soundation Studio, by Power FX.

What do we have here? Soundation Studio is a very cool sequencer, unlike any other that I have ever come across. Why? Because it is free! Yup, I said free!

Soundation Studio works.....

Soundation Studio is a place to make music on the web. Soundation Studio is a free sequencer that works as you might expect. Soundation Studio has a powerful sequencer, 11 real time effects, 3 synthesizers, time stretching, a drum machine and an fully integrated Sound Shop, and all of this for free!

Soundation Studio has over 400 loops on it all ready, and you can purchase more as you need them, right from Soundation! Did I forget to mention that all of these great features, as well as a master volume, can be automated as well?

Included in
Soundation Studio are effects that you know well, like compressors, limiters, distortions, reverbs, and you can use more than one on each track. This is very cool indeed. When your creations are complete, you can store them right on the web too! You can use the songs that you create in your own projects too, by saving them as wave or mp3 files, right on your own desktop! How very usefull!!!

Here is a link to the actual “for sale” loops that work in Soundation Studio. You actually get a lot of bang for very little buck! Each loop library comes with over 20 loops, and is priced under five bucks! Wow, there are five pages of loop libraries to select from too!

Here is the actual Soundation product, free for you to use! Follow this link and spend some time trying this out. You will be surprised at how powerful Soundation Studio really is! Here are some great tut's , from Soundation Studio's blog, dealing with all things Soundation Studio. Here are full song demos, effect demos, and all sorts of useful information dealing with Soundation Studio.

For even more information, Here is a link to their very handy PDF “Help File”. I found this PDF file to be most helpful, and it is where I learned the most about the effects, and saving my new creations.

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  1. Awesome blog man - very informative and well done. Cheers!

  2. Thanks, I hope you keep on enjoying all that you read and see here!