Saturday, February 6, 2010

Signal routing with Amplitube products.

A closer look at the IK Multimedia Amplitube way of dealing with signal chain routing.

IK Multimedia, with their assortment of Amplitube products (Fender, Amplitube, Metal) has come up with a way to switch up your signal routing, in a fast and easy way!

The preset system is as old as the music software technology itself, but we all love it very much. IK Multimedia knows this, and incorporated it into their signal routing options for their software products.

We all know about switching between a “one rig system”, “a complete two rig system”, and everything in between, and the sounds that they are capable of. Amplitube products have a great way of setting up your favorite type of rig, right from the start!

Check out the video!

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