Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home Recording Weekly Songwriting contest winner for July.

This past month saw all sorts of entries. I got some musicals, some country, and some of that good ole’ rock and roll.

This is the song that “caught my ear”, and I fell in love with the “hook”.

Congratulations, Cherell Willams, on a job so very well done!

Here is what Cherell Willams wrote to me……

“I am an amateur songwriter but not a performing artist. I spent years throwing away songs and recently I wrote a song and did my first home recording with the help of my husband and I was like "Wow, I finally wrote a song I actually like LOL ;)

We didn't have everything we needed but we used what we had and did the best we could with what we had. We had a regular old mic (we wanted a condenser mic), no pre-amp, and an acoustic guitar that rattles a bit and is not warm sounding at all. So it's basically a good quality song but the mix is not a very good mix. It definitely needs to be recorded over but I'm still proud of it LOL :)

We look forward to upgrading and getting little home studio up to par so we can produce a better quality recording. I'm excited now!

In my recording of "It's a new day" I played the guitar I'm not a professional guitar player by the way. I can play a few chords and a few songs. I'm not a vocalist but I do what I can. Didn't have anyone to sing the song for me, so I sang it myself and my husband who is a very talented singer help me with the background vocals.

My influence is just music itself. The genres I like to call my songs are "Positive". Just positive, simple, clean music along with some contemporary Christian. I just hope my music will be a positive, encouraging, uplifting influence to many. I desire to have my songs placed in T.V./Film. Can you imagine movies without music! The music is what enhances the plot. Can you imagine a world without music!

Here is a list of prizes that Cherell has just won!

1) A 30 day, Full Access pass, to Groove 3 training videos. With new titles like “Reason Instruments volume 1”, and “Reason Instruments volume 2”, and my personal favorite “Mixing Rock”, there are videos waiting for you, and your musical journey!

2) From Bias, a copy of SoundSoap 2! This is such a perfect tool for video, music, mastering, and on and on!

3) From The Sound Guy, SFX Machine Pro ! A wonderful plugin for any application. Need effects? Here they are!

4) From LoopMasters, how about some DVD’s full of professional loops and samples! These are the best of the best!

Thanks for all of the amazing entries, and there is still one more month of contest left to enter! Good luck to you all!

Please refer to the post that details the rules for entering!


  1. The music is certainly positive and has an upwards feeling to it! It's always hard to find and finalise a song of your own. I always want to improve and change and try things a different way. I guess I'm a perfectionist. Keep it up though. It's very listenable!

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