Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winner of the June Songwriting contest.

Congratulations to Alex Brown! The winning tune for the first leg of this three month long contest is titled “ I know it’s true”, and it caught my attention for several reasons.

Alex writes……

“I am 15 years old and I started playing piano at age 12 and now I play guitar, drums, and bass. I got really into music and recording, and so I started a band, and we practiced almost every day on the weekends. We also started recording a lot. I started working on a lot of solo work the past year and writing songs, and I recorded this one in my room. I used Logic Express 9 to record it and a midi keyboard and an old vocal mic my dad gave me. I turned my room into a little, mini home studio that I recorded it in. I wrote and recorded this song in one night, and I played all of the instruments by myself! Thanks again for taking the time to listen it means a lot! I hope you like it! “

Like it? Nope, I love it!

First of all, the guy is only 15 years old! Secondly, the piano “hook” is simply wonderful. I do not ever wish to consider the quality of a recording for the contest, but the quality here is not bad at all. What a great flow of medley and vocals. I love this tune, and have added it into my own Ipod. Great job Alex Brown and friends!

Here is the list of prizes that Alex has won, and the prizes for the next two month long songwriting contests.

From Bias, a copy of Bias Soundsoap2 pro. From Loopmasters, two”artist series loop and sample DVD packs. From The Sound Guy, a copy of their SFX Machine Pro plug in. From Groove 3, a full access, 30 pass to training videos!

Next up, send in your songs for the month of July! For the complete list of the easy, simple, must follow rules, follow this link!

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  1. Great job, Alex! Nice playing and keep up the good work!