Thursday, May 13, 2010

Song Writing Contest

Announcing the Home Recording Weekly song writing contest, featuring IK Multimedia product prizes!

Want to win IK Multimedias' Groovemaker and IK Multimedia's' Amplitube 3? Yea, I thought you might!

Those are the two prizes being given away for the Home Recording Weekly blog song contest, right here on the Home Recording Weekly blog!

One lucky winner will take home both of these amazing products!

Your original song, recorded in any way that you can get it recorded, might just be worth a very cool package of amazing and powerful gear from IK Multimedia!

How can you enter your original song to this contest? Easy!

1) Subscribe to the Home Recording Weekly blog. Fill out the Feedburner email box link, and then read on below.

2) Either Email your MP3 file song to the Home Recording Weekly, or mail your CD to the Home Recording Weekly Blog. Do not send in any links to your music please, as they will not be followed!

3) Wait to hear the winner announced, here on the Home Recording Weekly blog!

Limit one entry per musician, please.

All applicants must first subscribe to the Home Recording Weekly blog, because hey; how else are you going to know who wins? All emails, songs, and other material that is sent in to the Home Recording Weekly blog song contest will not be used in any way, what-so-ever, well.... that is unless you are the winner. The lucky winner will have their song posted here on the Home Recording Weekly blog, for all to hear. Please send your email address along with your song, so that I may contact you in the future, to announce the winner of the Home Recording Weekly blog song contest! No catches, gimmicks, or anything else. Just a free to enter song contest.

Email submissions or your questions to

Submissions will be collected until midnight (Eastern daylight savings time) on the day of June 15th. That means you better get busy!

All prizes are being given by IK Multimedia, where musicians come first! Please visit their site to learn more about these, and many other products available from IK Multimedia.

Don't worry about the overall quality of your submission either. I have made four track recordings too! No matter if you record in the garage or in the studio, mail it in! Never know, you might win! Good luck!


  1. What is the feedburner form? I use google reader and was not prompted to fill in anything

  2. That is fine, it worked, so no problems! Thanks, and good luck!