Sunday, September 27, 2009

ToonTrack Custom and Vintage SDX, and Electronic EZX are released!

Do you want to own the most original sounding recordings on Earth? Then you will want to take a minute and check out these two awesome new releases from the good folks at ToonTrack.

At a time when drum sequencing and drum sample technology is improving so rapidly, we should not be shocked by the next big thing. However, ToonTrack has a reputation of releasing very high quality products that are rather simple to incorporate into your musical ventures. When ToonTrack speaks, I listen. Speaking of listening, if you wish to hear ToonTrack "EZ Drummer 2.0" software in action, listen to this, a song written by myself.

The EZ series of drum software from ToonTrack is perhaps the easiest of them all to use. The best part, of course, is that all of their products sound great! The Superior series is also easy to use but it does allow for a lot more customizing of the kits pieces. Here is a link to a post that goes into more detail.

ToonTrack has released one new kit (midi loops and sound samples) under their EZ series, and one under their Superior line. These two kits are the Custom and Vintage SDX and the Electronic EZX. Let’s dive in and see just what is inside these two new products!

First up is Electronic EZX. I just am happy to see ToonTrack take the bold departure from the norm, and supply us sound geeks with such a rich and unique set of samples and midi loops. Here is a quick jump to ToonTrack Electronic EZX demo video, and some recorded works for you to listen to. The samples bring me back to a fun and exciting youth. Good stuff!

ToonTrack didn’t forget the hardcore, vintage drum kit, custom tweaking gurus, hard to find sound file nuts out there either. With the release of ToonTrack Custom and Vintage SDX you all can now own some of the rarest, hardest to find drum kit pieces of all time! Here is a link to the videos and the sound files for the Custom and Vintage SDX so you can hear the pieces for yourself!

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