Friday, July 11, 2008

links that will make you famous, and smart!

Welcome back to the Hit Maker. It is my aim to help with your home recording questions.
I will be teaching a class for the next week, so I thought that I would post in advance.
I would like to point you into the direction of a few cool links. Here are some that might just make you famous and/or rich!

This is "How audio", an online school of sorts, with an amazing price. Here you can learn, along with the videos, how to get in and get your song out! Check out the free stuff on this site!

Here is a place to "show your stuff", and meet other prodcers and music writers. Best of all, it is free!

Speaking of free, how about some cool places to post your stuff, and also hear others' cool stuff? Plus you can chat along with the ones that peak your interest.
here is "fuzz",
and "forte",

If you do not listen to others, then you are missing the point of getting better through others works. Go to "Recording Mag., and listen to "readers tapes", it is a must listen. Here is the link: follow the links...

Same Day Guitar is my baby, and it can be seen here, leave me an email if you want one.

Last but not least, one way to get that fame is by entering (and winning) a song contest. Here are some that I feel are the most honest, with the better "pay offs" for the winners.

Please keep in mind that I do not endorse any of the contests as I have never entered them myself. Thanks, and keep on rocking the mixes!!!

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